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TB Still Tops the List of World’s Deadliest Diseases

TB Still Tops the List of World’s Deadliest Diseases

World TB Day

Tuberculosis is a huge deal in India. And it’s time we spread more awareness about this disease.

Ten years ago, every teacher in school would be heard declaring that tuberculosis (TB) would be as insignificant as measles or chicken pox in the future. Alas, fast forward to today and we’re still trying to spread awareness about how deadly a disease TB can be.

On World Tuberculosis Day, we want to talk about why it’s still very vital to make sure that your entire family is vaccinated for TB! This needs to be emphasized because about 15 lakh people are affected by TB each year in India alone. Out of this, 2.1 lakh people lose their lives because of this deadly disease, 40% of them children.

TB is contagious. The early symptoms of TB are not too obvious; hence, it is even more essential for people to be tested and treated at the right time. Tuberculosis, as you know, is a bacterial infection most commonly found in the lungs. The bacteria spreads through the lymph nodes and the bloodstream to any organ. People with weak immune systems (such as HIV patients) are more susceptible to contracting this bacteria.

Tuberculosis falls under the list of the top 10 deadly diseases of all time. One of the reasons this disease is so widespread is that the cost of curing it is high. This is all the more reason for people to take preventive vaccination!

Fortunately, the Indian government conducts health camps and vaccination camps on a regular basis. At CARE Hospitals, we make sure that newborns are vaccinated on time. And we sincerely urge you to keep your health on track and improve your immune system. This will help you stay safe from this deadly disease.

Most importantly, don’t forget to spread awareness. Talk, share and discuss TB with your friends and family.

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