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The All New ‘Green Coffee’ – Is It Worth It?

The All New ‘Green Coffee’ – Is It Worth It?

After ‘green tea’ has taken over the world as the solution for anti-ageing and weight-loss, now it’s time for ‘green coffee’ to surprise you!

Green Coffee

Green coffee extract is derived from coffee beans before they are roasted and processed. They have a high amount of chlorogenic acid which has a lot of health benefits. Green coffee is thought to reduce blood pressure and aid in weight loss.

But is the hype all worth it?

While the health benefits of green coffee are many, it still needs further scientific evidence. There is a huge controversy surrounding its efficiency. The Dr. Oz Show first featured green coffee in 2012 and conducted its own study. This landed them into claims by the Federal Trade Commission. Since then the use of green coffee has been subject to debate. While there are studies that claim its health benefits, there are many scientific and legal opinions that the studies are inadequate.

In spite of the conflicting opinions, green coffee has taken over the weight loss industry by rage. Many people who have tried it personally have shared their success stories. More and more people are opening up to this new product.

With so many benefits and so much controversy surrounding it, should you try green coffee? Green coffee has been reported to be safe when taken in doses up to 200 mg. So as long as you don’t overdose yourself, green coffee can be worth trying. And, keep in mind, green coffee also contains caffeine. So if your body doesn’t respond to caffeine well, it’s better to stay away.

If you are trying hard to lose weight, try giving green coffee a chance. But be careful to limit your intake.

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