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Timely Help in Road Accidents through First Aid Kits to Traffic Police

Timely Help in Road Accidents through First Aid Kits to Traffic Police

Every four minutes, one person dies in road accidents in India, according to an NGO working on road safety.  (Source: Times of India)

The World Health Organization says there should be at least one ambulance per 100,000 people. A research project by EMRI, CATS (Delhi) in 2014 showed that there are only 468 operational ambulances in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana (Source: India Real Time Blog), whereas the combined population of both the states is more than 80 million (Source: Wikipedia, 2011 census).

In such a scenario, when every ambulance has to struggle to make its way through the traffic and may not reach the accident spot in time, how do we extend our care to patients in emergency situations?

The answer is simple – enable the Traffic Police personnel to provide First Aid services in the wake of a road accident. Our team at CARE Hospitals hit upon this simple idea to improve the emergency services available during road accidents.

CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad and CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam presented First Aid kits to traffic cops, which are fitted on to their two-wheelers. Each kit contains up to 31 first aid items.

Care Hospitals Traffic Police First Aid Kits

Traffic Police Motorcycles Get First Aid Kits (1)

In addition, nearly 900 traffic personnel in Hyderabad and Cyberabad were trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques. This initiative, along with the First Aid kits, will enable every traffic cop to deal with common accident issues such as controlling bleeding, as well as handling seizures and cardiac arrest symptoms (CPR).

We hope this helps improve the current situation in these cities and brings down the number of deaths due to road accidents.
CARE Outpatient Centre_BLS training for police (1)

CARE Outpatient Centre_BLS training for police (4)

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