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To the Strong Architects of our Society!

To the Strong Architects of our Society!

Women Health Care

Gone are those times when a working woman was a rarity… or when a woman driving was seen as doing something too challenging… or when a woman returning home late in the night raised many questioning eyebrows.

Today, we live in a world where women are successfully breaking many stereotypes and entering every sector of our nation. From women who are strong CEOs to efficient homemakers at home, if these women had a rhythm to their spirit it would sound like the roaring sea.

Ambition is what drives you. And you are on a constant run to stand tall and strong in the game. In the process of achieving your ambition to call the shots, my dear lady, pause for a moment and listen to us.

We admire you and are proud of your strength, of your zeal and of your continuous efforts towards making a better society and a greater nation. But it’s time you look in the mirror and give yourself some well-earned credit. Go on, do it now! Look at the mirror and smile at what you have achieved and how you have grown.

It’s also time for you to stop and take good care of yourself. No one is better at knowing you and understanding your health issues than yourself. [*wink wink* Well, of course, our doctors are great at it too.]

You may not know that health issues related to women have been growing over the past decade. And we want you to spare a moment and have a look at the disorders that can affect your well-being and restrict your growth.

  • Gynaec Problems: With all the pollution, changed food patterns, stress and sleeplessness, the reproductive system of women is gravely affected. Any problems with the uterus will lead to an imbalance of hormones in the body leading to further complications.
  • Physical Abuse: Yes, we said physical abuse. Ill treatment of women is not a whispered or hushed up news story any more. Every day we come across hundreds of stories from women who are survivors of physical abuse. Speaking up and facing the situation with a legal back-up is necessary as women who tolerate sustained abuse end up with grave health and mental problems and it is not possible to recover from them completely.
  • Cancer: Cancer is one of the leading factors affecting women’s health. There are two major cancers that affect women — cervical cancer and breast cancer. Hence, getting a regular check-up to rule out the possibility of cancer is necessary.
  • Mental Health: Often, people overlook the most essential health component of everyday life — the mental state of well-being. Your mental health is as crucial as your physical fitness and prioritizing mental well-being can up your way to happiness.

Give yourself the importance and time you require, keep these things in mind the next time you visit us. Our doctors are great listeners too. We have a whole set of health check-up packages which cater to your needs, like Essential Heart Check-up, Executive Health Check-up with Stress MIBI, Smart Thyroid Health Check-up, Senior Citizen Health Check-up (Female),Gynaecology Check-up, Women Wellness Check-up and several more that you can benefit from.

We’ll be waiting to hear your story,

Your CARE!

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