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“Trash The Ash” – Reasons To Quit Smoking!

“Trash The Ash” - Reasons To Quit Smoking!

World No Tobacco Day

Most smokers start smoking when they are in their teens! Many are influenced by their friends, parents or relatives. Few of them start because they just want to try how it feels while some others think smoking gives them swag (makes them appear cool!).

Tar the roads, not your lungs!

Well, the use of tobacco is one of the main reasons for many unavoidable deaths in India. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), if smoking is left unchecked, it can kill a billion people in this century. This is almost equal to the number of people who live in India today.

Think about it!

Quitting the habit of smoking may take you forever; however, “where there is a will, there is a way”. It’s just a matter of willpower. Smoking not only leads to heart problems, lung cancers and breathing problems but many other problems as described below:

It forms a cloud in your mind: Smoking fogs your mind and increases the risk of brain stroke. Since the supply of blood to the brain is compromised, it can lead to vascular dementia. It also increases oxidative stress and inflammation, which might lead to memory loss and cause Alzheimer’s.

A reason for diabetes: Tobacco intake increases the level of blood sugar. A smoker who already has diabetes is at a higher risk of developing health problems like retinopathy (vision loss), peripheral neuropathy (damaged nerves that can cause numbness, pain and poor coordination between legs and arms) and a lot more.

STOP…and take a step in the right direction!

It’s bad for your sex life: Almost every organ of the body is affected by smoking. A healthy erection has a lot to do with a healthy heart, as it requires a good blood flow. Nicotine blocks up your arteries with fatty acids, which restrict the blood flow to the genitals. So think carefully before lighting up another cigarette, it may let you down!

It cuts down your life: Smoking can cause premature death. It has been observed that smokers live at least 10 years lesser than those who have never smoked. Quitting smoking when you’re in your mid 30s can reduce the risk of death by at least by 90%.

Save your lungs, save your life.

It makes you old while you’re young: Smoking can cause the skin to age rapidly. This change is clearly visible in chain smokers. The longer you smoke, the more you are likely to have wrinkling on your skin.

Quitting smoking can not only do you good, it can also be beneficial to your family and friends. You will protect the people around you from the consequences of passive smoking and also protect your children from emulating you. Take an oath today to share clean air! THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING.

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