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Virtual Human Body That Can Survive A Car Crash

Virtual Human Body That Can Survive A Car Crash

Meet Project Graham. The name of the human body that the scientists have created to demonstrate that this is the only way humans can survive a car crash without any injury.

“But it’s hard to ignore Graham, a disquieting visual representation of how a human would have to evolve to survive a car crash. The Transport Accident Commission, a government organization in the Australian state of Victoria, worked with a trauma surgeon, a crash investigation expert and an artist to develop the life-like sculpture known as Graham. The interactive installation was on display at the State Library of Victoria and is now on a roadshow. Anyone can interact with Graham online.” [Source]


Virtual Human Body Car Crash

To create an impact and advocate strongly for promoting car safety, scientists have innovatively pictured and created a human body which has the ability to sustain a car crash. We are currently dwelling in a world where cars have evolved faster with artificial intelligence than humans; hence, car safety is all the more cause for concern.  The plea for safer road systems has already been put across everywhere; all that we can now do is equip ourselves and safeguard ourselves from any sudden danger.

Read the full article on Graham here!

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