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What Colour Should I Wear Today To Feel Happy?

What Colour Should I Wear Today To Feel Happy?

Colours Mood Happy

“Colour, colour what mood are you in today?”

Do colours affect our moods? The answer is a definite yes. Researchers across the world have pointed out the interlinking between colours and our emotions. From traditional Chinese theories to modern day psychology studies, scholars have noted that it is intrinsic human nature to react to a particular colour. When we see a bright colour, we immediately feel positive. On the flip side, a dull colour can often put us off.

While the choice of colours and our reactions can be subjective as we are all brought up in different cultures, a few generic colour-mood links can help us improve our everyday life:

Blue – can denote serenity or intelligence. Blue has a calming effect, like the skies and the oceans. Blue also has a positive effect on our brains. Certain studies have noted that students, when exposed to blue before an exam, have been more successful. But too much blue can tend to be cold and put off people. If you are using lighter shades of blue, make sure to balance them with warmer contrasts.

Green – represents harmony, growth and prosperity. Like the saying, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. Well, the truth is ‘The grass is greener where you water it!’ Scientists have noted that looking at greenery can improve eye health. Having a green desktop on your PC/laptop can help reduce eye strain and keep your eyes restful. Green has a naturally progressive and serene property. It can impart a sense of growth in a person while also creating harmony and balance.

Yellow – is full of energy, happiness and grabs attention. If you want to feel enthusiastic or feel confident, yellow is your friend. Spread happiness with some yellow candy or carry a yellow umbrella if you feel blue. Do note that too much yellow can be harmful for babies or elderly people who prefer subtle colours.

Orange – a cousin of yellow, this colour is perfect for extroverts who love socializing. Orange stands for warmth and has a reassuring persona. It is socially friendly and often used a lot in gyms, cafeterias or health spas. This colour is noted to have increased oxygen supply to the brain and produce an energizing effect.

Red – a colour with polar outcomes! While red signifies love and passion, it also denotes danger. If you want to make the best use of red, combine it with a cooler shade for some perfect yin-yang balance. Let red spark a bit of romance in your life but be careful of too much red.

Purple – this colour, while being mysterious, can ignite creativity. A lighter shade of purple, lilac, is also linked to spirituality in certain places.

Grey – is a passive, dull colour that lacks energy. Wear grey only if you can pair it up with a brighter colour. While most corporate people prefer wearing grey suits or pants, they can lift them up with bright shirts and ties.

Now that you know how colours affect our moods, choosing your daily outfit in the morning won’t be difficult any more. Wear your best colour!

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