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Why Traveling Is Good For Your Body and Mind

Why Traveling Is Good For Your Body and Mind

Imagine a masala Bollywood film from the ‘90s! There’s a lot of family drama amidst a series of song sequences and bouts of comedy. There’s romance, obviously, but there’s a lot of conflict too. At some point, post intermission, one of the lead characters falls sick. Either he/she is depressed because of a heart break or has developed a serious disease. Enter the family doctor who very dramatically asks the parents to send their child off to a hill station for a well-deserved vacation. While this ‘trip to the hill station’ is a very smart plot technique, it also makes perfect sense for the character to travel and rejuvenate, because after the trip, the character is transformed and so is the story.

Traveling Benefits

Now, fast forward to the present day and pick up any recent masala Bollywood film. The movie often opens with the lead characters travelling! Spain, Florida, Corsica, the Himalayas and many other exotic destinations have been explored through the lens. This emphasis and change in priority to ‘travelling’ in Bollywood movies marks a huge trend in the modern times.

Travelling is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world and the soul within. It brings together the inner and the outer. While your boundaries expand in the physical realm, your soul grows within yourself. Travelling is very good for your body and your mind. It not only adds thrill to our life, giving us a much needed break from an otherwise machine like stressful life, it has many other advantages:

  • Physical Fitness: Travelling keeps you on your feet, literally! The amount of physical exercise we do as part of our trips helps our bodies stay fit. Make sure to include some walking, jogging, cycling or outdoor adventure in your itinerary.
  • Helps Stay Positive: Travelling gives us a fresh perspective on life. Experiencing varied cultures, cuisines, colours, languages and geographies can make you appreciate your own life better. This can help us remain positive.
  • Better Survival Instincts: Did you know that ‘survival of the fittest’ is a direct measure of a species’ longevity in the theory of evolution? People who travel a lot have better survival instincts. They develop a subconscious mechanism to cope with varied situations and problems. This ensures a better and longer healthy life.
  • Lower Stress Levels: According to a study conducted by the US Travel Assn., after a day or two of travel, 89% of people experienced a significant drop in stress. (Source) Isn’t this enough proof that travel can work wonders for your health?
  • Emotional Detox: If you can manage to stay away from your phone and the internet while travelling, you are guaranteed to detox your mind and heart. Flushing away negative emotions can immediately boost your health.

If laughter is the best medicine, then travel is the next best. So pick up your backpack and start exploring!

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