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World Malaria Day 2016 – End Malaria for Good

For a certain section of the globe, every day is malaria day – they are constantly fighting against this deadly disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) and its various partner organizations unite every year on 25th April to raise awareness and help others.

Such awareness campaigns and medical assistance has helped 57 countries reduce the number of malaria cases by at least 75%. Yet there were approx. 214 million new cases of malaria last year, out of which half a million succumbed to the disease. (Source)

This year, World Malaria Day is observing the theme “End Malaria for Good” in a bid to throw light on the progress and challenges in 2016.

The risk of malaria is extremely high during the monsoon season which is about a month away from now. Follow these tips to prepare well in advance and ensure full protection for you and your family from deadly mosquitoes – Malaria Health Tips.

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