Annual RCM Meet to Review & Improve Processes

As part of a continuing process to increase knowledge, the Department of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) conducted its annual group-level meet from May 8-9. The inaugural session was addressed by CEO Mr Dilip Jose and Mr Haragopal K Krovvidi, Vice President –
Commercial. In his address, CMD Dr B Soma Raju emphasized the need for adherence to the Vision and Mission statement in one’s day-to-day work. Presentations were made on the importance of team building and communication skills in various departments such as Quality, Finance, Business Development, Audit, HR, Purchase and HID. Informative presentations were made by external speakers from corporates for improving systems for better functioning. Department heads from Billing and Realization shared their suggestions too. The meet ended with awards for units that had performed exceedingly well over the past year. 


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