Comprehensive Preventive Heart Check-up

The preventive heart check-up package is designed to know your heart condition at an affordable cost to help you overcome future heart problems. The preventive heart check-up package will enable you to better understand your heart and prevent and manages its signs and symptoms.  The package includes:

  • Complete Blood Picture
  • Blood Sugar -- Fasting & Post Lunch
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Liver Function Test
  • Lipid Profile
  • TSH
  • HbA1C
  • Hs CRP
  • Blood Group & Rh Typing
  • Fibrinogen
  • Apolipoprotien A, B & A/B Ratio
  • ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation)
  • Complete Urine Study
  • Urine for Micro Albumin
  • Baseline ECG
  • 2D Echo-Screening
  • Stress Test (TMT)
  • Plain X-ray-Chest (PA view)
  • Ultrasound Scanning - abdomen
  • Carotid Intimal Thickening
  • Consultation with Specialist
  • Yoga/Exercise (Gym)
  • Dietary Advice
  • Heart Health Coach (Follow-up for one year)
  • *Note: If no contradictions for Stress test
Package Cost : Rs 6000/-

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