Course on Central Sterile Services

The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) is at the core of the hospital; it’s the place where most of the vital instruments are sterilized and reprocessed. Yet, very few formal tra....Read More
Hyderabad, 20 May 2016

Course on Central Sterile Services Hyderabad

Stroke Awareness Program

The month of May is National Stroke Awareness Month. On 9th May, CARE Surat conducted a CME on ‘Stroke.’ Dr Tahura Y Mir, Consultant, Critical Care was the key speaker and spo....Read More
Surat, 09 May 2016

Stroke Awareness Program Surat

Hand Hygiene Day at Surat

On May 5th CARE Surat celebrated `International Hand Hygiene Day´ with training sessions, hand print sessions and a poster competition. The program aimed at creating awareness about preventio....Read More
Surat, 05 May 2016

Hand Hygiene Day at Surat Surat
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