TB of Heart No More a Rare Disease

Press Conference

Doctors at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad have reported their experience with active TB infection of the heart muscle, myocardial tuberculosis. Patients with myocardial TB often have Ventricular Tachycardia (VT), a serious rhythm abnormality of the heart which causes faster heartbeats, even leading to death. These patients do not have typical TB symptoms like fever or weight loss. The 13 myocardial TB cases in a single hospital is one of the highest reported in the world. The finding was published recently in the acclaimed Journal of American College of Cardiology. Thereafter, 5 more such cases were identified, taking the total number of cases to 18, all from a single centre, CARE Banjara.

Addressing a press meet in January 2015 lead author of the article Dr C Narasimhan, Chief of Electrophysiology Services at CARE Banjara, pointed out that TB affecting the heart is new knowledge in the field of medicine. Undetected, such patients undergo expensive medical procedures or have a heart failure. Dr Narasimhan stated that, “The aim of our paper is to spread awareness about the prevalence of myocardial TB which is a preventable cause of sudden death and heart failure”. CARE Banjara has dedicated a clinic to evaluate and treat patients with TB or sarcoid of the heart. 

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