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Mr Suresh Kumar talks about hole in the heart surgery of his son Sravan at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

The operation was successful and my child is safe now. The commitment of the doctors and sisters in this hospital is excellent, and the hospital environment is good. They take very good care of the patient. The doctors are well qualified and they gave excellent treatment to my son. Today, he is healthy and is also gaining weight like a normal child. The doctors too are happy with him as they performed a major and critical operation on an infant successfully...Whatever your problem is, just come to Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals and, regardless of whether you are big or small, the doctors here will make you happy. (the child had a hole in his heart.

Mr Abhilash Chandra talks about his heart attack treatment at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

The reason I chose CARE is because firstly, it is close to my home and secondly, it is one of the most renowned hospitals here in Nagpur. The way the doctors at CARE talk and treat the patients, it instills them with confidence and reassures them that they have come to the right place for their treatment. It is a very friendly environment; I have never gone to another hospital since my operation at CARE. I would recommend CARE to anyone with heart problems as it is the best hospital in Nagpur

Ms Behera Satyavathi speaks about knee joint replacement surgery at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

I had lost all hope, but after coming to CARE everything went well and now I am doing well. The doctor did not put any restrictions on me after my operation. People who saw me earlier are surprised! I am often asked, “Where have you done your treatment?”

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