Patient Experiences

Ms Pinky Sathpathi speaks about her renal treatment at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

Thanks to the doctors here I feel better now. Even now they are in the process of treating me and are prescribing medicines to help ease my problems. Whenever I have a problem I call the doctor. He tells me which medicines to take and is always available when I need help.

Mr Deepak Patnaik's experience on heart blockage treatment at CARE Hospitals, Bhubaneswar

CARE Hospitals had a good reputation in Bhubaneswar, so I too preferred having my treatment done at CARE. On arriving I realized that the reputation of CARE was well founded. The doctors and staff are excellent. The nursing staff is excellent. They answered any doubts that I had and were on hand round-the-clock to attend to the needs of the patients. This is something that I haven't seen in any other hospital in India.

Ms. Urmila on kidney infection treatment at CARE Hospitals, Bhubaneswar

When I came here, I was unconscious. I was placed in the ICU. But when I regained consciousness, I did not feel that I was in a hospital. It was a very friendly atmosphere. Even the doctor's behavior is as good as his treatment. The doctor's smile itself is enough to cure 90% of the disease. Be it any disease, if you come here, you will recover. Generally, there is a doubt whether we will be treated properly at a hospital. But if you visit this hospital, you can rest assured that you will get well soon. The care they offer is exactly like a mother's care towards her children.

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