Patient Experiences

Mr Madhu Singh speaks about treatment for high fever of her son Abishek at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

We came to CARE Hospitals as it is the best. There is a very homely feeling here and the services and staff are excellent. Discipline is excellent and the patient and family are filled with confidence. Ramkrishna CARE is the only place in Raipur that one can get treated for even the most severe cases. Complete care is given here..

Mr G Ravi speaks about his neuro treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

CARE Hospitals (Nampally, Hyderabad) holds a special place in my life. The staff and doctors work as a team and all of them are experts in their field. They are punctual and are always ready to serve the needs of the patients. They are so prompt and proactive in giving medicine that patients don't even need to ask for it.

Mr Sushisheshra's experience on treatment of heart attack at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

Dr. Kamal was always there to make sure everything was going well, to the point that I wondered if he ever went home! He came regularly and enquired about my condition. This is helpful as patients are reassured that doctors are taking care of them. The nurses and staff were on call at any time of the day or night. I recommend CARE Hospitals to everyone as any hospital that has doctors and staff that truly care for their patients would be best able to deal with whatever problems and issues the patients may face.

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