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Mr Shirzad Mohammed Zubair from Afghanistan Speaks of His Daughter’s Pediatric Heart Surgery

One of her valves was closed and she had a hole in her heart. The treatment at CARE Hospitals is completed; she is doing fine now. About the nurses, however much I praise them, it will be too little. You wouldn’t find such a hospital in entire India. I have never seen so much love, and this place has a homely atmosphere.

Mr Amiri Mohammed Ewaz from Afghanistan Speaks of His Son’s Pediatric Heart Surgery

On the day I left for India, I met a few people who have undergone different treatments in India (at CARE Hospitals). I saw a lot of children getting cured. I am satisfied with the doctors, nurses and other staff of CARE Hospitals. Nurses, especially, take good care of the patients and attendants; taking care of their medicine and food from time to time. They bring a smile to the patient and they just want the patient to be happy forever.

Mr Zardan Mail Khan from Afghanistan Speaks of His Daughter’s Pediatric Heart Surgery

The cleanliness in CARE Hospitals is very good. We are happy with the services -- the cleaning staff, the procedure, and specially the nurses. They are around taking care 24x7. The difference between the doctors here and back home is like the sky and the earth. This hospital is the number one hospital.

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