Patient Experiences

Mr Rajashekar speaks about his father's open skull surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Nilesh supported us a lot since the surgery. We also appreciate Dr Ameer Basha’s involvement and all the moral support we received during the operation. CARE Hospitals is generally known for its cardiac services but we can vouch that even the Neurology Department is as good as the cardiac.

Mr Ankit Jain speaks of his brother's cardiac bentall procedure at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

The Bentall procedure is very lengthy. It was a very critical surgery. Dr G Ramasubramanyam and his team worked hard for 17 hours for my brother's survival. They are no less than god for our family. Though all the doctors are eminent in their respective specializations, they coordinate and communicate clearly and are (mutually) supportive. Dr Soma Raju, Dr Ramasubramanyam, Dr Rajeev, Dr P C Gupta and the entire team members are exceptionally good.

Mr Chandrasekhar (staff), talks of the treatment for cardiac problems at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

One of my relatives had some health issue and was admitted to a corporate hospital. They exaggerated the problem and suggested implanting three stents and proposed an expensive treatment. Dr Soma Raju saw the reports and said this problem doesn’t require the proposed treatment. Here Dr Rajeev Menon gave just one tablet and asked him to use it regularly. This is enough to know what CARE Hospitals is. Be it from the job side, the medical facilities or any other aspect, we have "We Care" in our name itself.

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