Patient Experiences

Mr Ronald from Tanzania Speaks of His Wife Mary Elia's Oncology Treatment at CARE Hospitals

Doctors here are very committed and knowledgeable. They know what to do and they know how to talk to the patient. Very good nurses, sisters. They were very cooperative, very helpful. We took some pictures with them for memories.  

Mrs. G Nagamani Speaks of Her Liver Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Tom Cherian always spoke to me with a smile. He is very kind and the staff also treated us very well during our visits. Everything is normal; I am feeling very good and I don’t have any discomfort. 

Mr Y Sri Rama Sarma Speaks of His Liver Cancer Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

There is a constant attempt on the part of this medical team to take care of the patient and see that they are happy and peaceful. The doctors always have a smile. They gauged the problem exactly and I have no problem. 

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