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Mr B Tirupathaiyya speaks about emergency treatment & retirement subsidy package at CARE Hospitals

CARE Hospitals has the facility of a retired employee subsidy package. Not only are the employees given attention but every patient is treated well here. Doctors were very attentive and took care of me well, which I liked a lot. Each nurse is very patient, friendly and helpful. The unique facility is that we were only required to show our employee identity card and were given the package details and the extra amount we needed to pay. This hospital is truly good for people who depend on government pensions.

Mr Challa Venkateswarlu's experience on emergency treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

The emergency services are very good; they responded immediately and gave me medication for the pain. All the necessary scanning and diagnostic procedures were done at night only. My family members were worried but the doctors gave them moral support. It is my good fortune that I was admitted to CARE Hospitals. I have recovered completely now. I lead a normal life.

Mr Emmanuel Ejike Muottoh speaks on prostate enlargement treatment at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I am deeply satisfied with my reception on arrival, as well as the treatment administered. I would especially like to mention the hospitality of the staff. All of them, from the nurses to the cleaners, do their job well. We never realized that Indians were so caring! The services are fantastic and I am thankful for the treatment we received

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