Patient Experiences

Ms Rehana Begum's son's experience on neurosurgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

The CARE management works hard to satisfy the needs of the patient and the patient's attendants. At CARE OP, right from the entrance to the billing, there are people who care for you. Moreover, the patient need not step out for any medical test. If the patient is not in a position to move, the technician can come to your home and take samples. You need not come personally to collect the reports.... soft copies are sent to your email based on which the treatment can be continued

Ms Padmavathi's experience on vascular surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I have undergone other operations earlier... compared to them this (vascular surgery) operation was very simple. I did not feel much pain and the problem resolved quickly. After surgery, the anesthesia doctor comforted me and stayed near me, giving me confidence like a family member. I appreciate all the post-operative care

Mr Venu Gopal's experience on knee surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

From the first day I met him (Dr. Praveen Kumar Mereddy) I was impressed. He gave me wonderful treatment and I did not face any problems in the hospital. He takes a lot of care of the patient. Even during the discharge, I was informed how I should take care of myself. If required they were ready to provide a physiotherapist at home. It is the best hospital

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