Patient Experiences

Mr Sunil Kumar Mahakund speaks about his hand reattachment surgery at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

When I had the accident (both hands were cut off) I thought I would never have my hands back. But now I have my hands back and can do all my work. The doctor said I would be able to drive after 6-7 months. Dr. R. K. Prasad is like God for me, because he gave me my hands back!

Ms Aarthi Avinash Helbe speaks about her treatment of breast cancer at CARE Hospitals, Pune

Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar instilled immense confidence in me by considering the disease as a very routine illness. He asked me to study a few cases regarding the disease online, which gave me additional confidence. One feels confident when talking to him and begins to believe that they have come to the right place. Even though he is busy, he always has a smile on his face and speaks to each and every person pleasantly. I have never seen such wonderful, caring nurses in any other hospital in Pune. The doctors and sisters are very patient while handling patients undergoing chemo.

Ms Hiral Zaveri speaks about her father's lungs infection treatment at CARE Hospitals, Surat

We admitted my father in an emergency condition. Dr. Pritesh Parekh gave a wonderful treatment and took a lot of care. The services provided were very timely, which helped in my father's quick recovery in 2-3 days. This was a boon to us as he was in a critical condition. Accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, patient guidance and moral support given by the doctors helped a lot.

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