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Mr Mohd Ismail's experience on eye surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr G V S Prasad is a marvellous doctor. I have met numerous doctors but his approach to his patients and their care is commendable. The equipment used is of the highest quality. CARE Hospitals takes care like a mother would. I am thankful to Dr Soma Raju and all the people involved in my treatment. To achieve any objective a team is essential. The team is like a chain, where every link is essential to maintaining its integrity. Dr. Soma Raju garu has created such a team that it is worth commending

Mr Prem Sagar's experience on kidney transplant surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I received positive feedback from patients (about this hospital), both in terms of economy as well as treatment. (After my kidney transplantation) I am leading a normal life. Everyone in the hospital, from the admin staff to the nurses and doctors, takes a lot of care of the patients. I really liked the services provided here and have recommended it to many

Mr Ande Chukwuma Muottoh's experience on laser surgery for kidneys at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I came to CARE as I learnt that they use a laser to perform the surgery. When one is coming to India, getting a visa is easy with the help of CARE. I am so pleased with this hospital! I came back a few months ago to get some check-ups, because this is such a good hospital. I especially admire doctors like Dr Prasad Raju, he is a very good doctor. This hospital is like home

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