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Mr & Mrs Ekemwzie Patrick Ifenyi speak about pituitary tumour surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I don't know when the corporate objective of the company was formed, but I know that c-a-r-e is interwoven with the corporate objective of the company, the hospital that is called CARE....The whole team here is working towards the same objective to make sure that the people who come here are taken care of. And they do it every time.

Mr Amruth Lal Patel speaks about his lung infection treatment at CARE Hospitals, Surat

I had a wonderful experience in the hospital; both the doctor and his team are very efficient and have a good coordination. They don’t charge any additional fees for the treatment; they only charge for what they have done. They reassured my family members and instilled confidence in them about my recovery. They are very proactive in solving the patients’ problems. Irrespective of the problem — major, minor or any kind of disease — it can be diagnosed and treated only in CARE Hospitals.

Mr B Mallesham speaks about his hip joint surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

The doctors here treat all their patients equally — without class or religious differences. Everyone is an example of an ideal doctor. Without giving any trouble to the patient, they give complete care. Not only the doctors, but the entire staff of CARE works dedicatedly and gives 100% to the patient’s recovery.

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