Patient Experiences

Ms Hiral Zaveri speaks about her father's lungs infection treatment at CARE Hospitals, Surat

We admitted my father in an emergency condition. Dr. Pritesh Parekh gave a wonderful treatment and took a lot of care. The services provided were very timely, which helped in my father's quick recovery in 2-3 days. This was a boon to us as he was in a critical condition. Accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, patient guidance and moral support given by the doctors helped a lot.

Ms Nimisha talks about her mother Ms Dhangauriben's angioplasty of heart at CARE Hospitals, Surat

We had a good experience at CARE (Surat). We were properly informed about the treatment and the procedure. Even the blockage was shown in the video for a better understanding of the problem. The facilities in CARE Hospitals are very good. Everything — X-ray, echo, etc — come to the patient’s bed and he/she need not go anywhere for a major test. Everybody does their work very dedicatedly and is cooperative. Nurses are good; they were present whenever there was a need. Choose CARE Hospitals for any kind of cardiac related problems! You will recover very fast, within no time.

Mr Ramesh Otarmal Semlan speaks about his bypass surgery at CARE Hospitals, Surat

We heard a lot about Dr. Mahesh Vinchurkar from CARE Hospitals (Surat), his treatment style and his success rate in surgeries. Generally, doctors make the patients nervous but Dr. Mahesh and his team are quite the opposite. The facilities are too good when compared to the rates. Everybody attends to the patient on time.

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