Patient Experiences

Ms Kasturika Patnaik speaks about her gall bladder surgery at CARE Hospitals, Bhubaneswar

The patient care — excellent. You feel good going inside the hospital. It’s like you have gone to relax. Either you or your close relatives, whosoever suffers, the human side is very much there in Aditya Care Hospitals. Human touch!

Mr Shyam Sundar talks about Treatment for Liver Cancer at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

I’ve had experiences with a few of our relatives with regard to cancer. None of them have survived, unfortunately. But today, 55 days after the surgery, I am really happy that I made the right decision to have it done by Dr Tom Cherian as well as at CARE Hospitals.

Mr Umesh Shinde Appreciates the Nursing Care for his Liver Transplant Surgery at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

The nurses were the best. They took good care of me… I haven’t experienced any health issues since the surgery.

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