CARE Hospitals has over a decade’s expertise in diagnosing and managing liver diseases. The medical procedures for Liver Transplant in India today are much more advanced. At CARE Hospitals, patients have quick access to specialists in Hepatology, Pathology, Surgery, Radiology and other related disciplines. Our multidisciplinary team offers advanced procedures in Hepatology, Liver Transplantation, Hepato Biliary Surgery, Intensive Transplant Care, Medical Oncology and Interventional Radiology, providing unparalleled personalized patient care. We are committed to extending comprehensive and lifelong care to all our patients. Our integrated team consists of dedicated nurses, transplant coordinators, dieticians, physiotherapists, social workers, administrators and other support service providers. 

Liver transplantation offers the only chance of long-term survival for patients with end-stage liver disease, early liver cancers and certain metabolic conditions. Patients are assessed by a multidisciplinary team, offering a complete and thorough evaluation. Following transplantation, patients can lead a normal life. We have facilities for both Cadaveric and Live Donor Transplantation for adults and children, including acute liver failure. As a cutting-edge Liver Transplant Hospital, we utilize advanced techniques like liver splitting, reduced graft and auxiliary graft. This ensures that more liver failure patients receive transplants and the donated livers are put to optimal use.

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