CARE Hospitals Group with 2 decades of scintillating presence in providing cost effective treatment has accrued pan india presence as a leader in tertiary health care. Care group has over the last few decades has created new bench marks in the field of Cardiac diseases.

 Non Communicable diseases (NCD) which include cardiac, neurological diseases and cancer are the bane of the society today. Continuing its tradition of containing Non Communicable diseases, the leader in managing cardiac diseases is making foray into the field of Cancer Care.

Care Hospitals Group has created a state of the art Cancer treatment facility at its Hi Tech City Campus. Keeping its core philosophy of “providing care that people trust” in its focus, Care Cancer Institute is designed to provide cutting edge cancer care.

The Philosophy Behind!

Cancer care is complex, prolonged and intense both for the patient and the treating physician. It needs concerted, co ordinated and precise planning for the best outcomes. Current standard of care demands,treatment plans to be not only patient centric and multi disciplinary but also tailor made for each individual patient.

Such precision and detail needs a cohesive team of surgical, medical and radiation oncologists who  are passionate about patient care and quality of life.

Care Cancer Institute is equipped with the right minded oncologists who staff the tumor board that decides the treatment protocol. This form of group decision making is unique and mandatory for effective and  safe cancer care.



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