Services & Procedures


CARE Hospitals offer a wide range of health care, educative and support services.

  • Consultation services
  • A range of assays, including all major peptides and steroid hormones and HPLC/electrochemical detection for plasma and urinary metanephrines
  • Helical whole body and brain CT scanning, MRI, dual energy X-ray (DEXA)
  • A well-equipped department of nuclear medicine conducts radioisotope studies for specified endocrine disorders
  • BMD (Bone Mineral Density) testing


State–of-the-art pituitary surgery: Advances in technology - such as the endoscopic surgical microscope and image guidance systems - have led to breakthroughs in pituitary surgery. Minimally invasive surgery allows precise removal of tumours, faster recovery, little or no scarring and fewer complications.

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