Services & Procedures

Surgical Oncology

Cancer Surgery is the back bone of the Department of Oncology. A surgical oncologist is involved in every aspect of cancer care starting with diagnosis, to hand holding the patient through the therapeutics and has an active role even during palliation.

Services Offered

Head & Neck Oncology (Cancer of Tongue, oral cavity, Parotid)

Bone & Soft tissue Oncology

Gastro Intestinal Oncology (Esophagus, Stomach, Small & Large Intestine)

Gynaecological Oncology (Cancer Cervix,Endometrium, Ovary)

Urological Oncology (Kidney, bladder & Penis)

Endocrine Surgeries (Thyroid, Pancreas & Adrenal)

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Also known as Band Aid Surgery is the latest addition to the field of cancer surgery. This mode of surgery is revolutionising the patient experience and speeding up post operative recovery. It is well established in the field of female cancers like Cancer of Uterus, Cervix.

Intestinal cancers like cancer Rectum, small and large intestines are also well managed with laparoscopic mode.

Patients experience relatively minimal pain, less post operative discomfort allowing him to mobilize faster and achieve a sense of normalcy quickly. Patients also benefit from smaller scars in addition to early feeding and early discharge from hospital.

Diagnostic & Staging Laparotomies

Lap. Radical Hysterectomies

Lap Anterior Resection

Lap Abdomino Perineal Resections

Lap Radical Gastrectomies


Breast is an organ with innumerable pathologies and can be a source of discomfort and sometimes serious concern for the lady.

Benign Breast Disorders

The lady during the second to almost 5th decade of her life can experience a variety of complaints like pain, lumpiness, heavy ness to frank hard nodules in her breasts. Each complaint needs a careful assessment and investigation to rule out serious problems like cancers.

Experience in recognising clinical symptomatology, correlating with pathology and radiology is a must and needs subtle clinical skills along with strong support from Department of pathology and Radiology.


Breast Cancer, unfortunately stands as the number one cancer disease in women and a major cause of death of women in productive age group. This cancer is showing increasing incidence  but fortunately science has made dramatic progress in containing the disease.

Services @ Breast Clinic

Screening for Breast Cancer

Cancer Counselling

Diagnostic services ( FNAC, TRUCUT)

Surgery for Benign Breast Disorders (Fibro Adenoma)

Conservative Breast Surgery

Radical Surgeries for Breast Cancer


Cancers of the oral cavity and head and neck areas are an outcome of excessive tobacco use and result in significant morbidity and death in young individuals.

Cancers in this region of the body can not only disfigure but also cause significant disturbance in functions of the body like speech, swallowing and breathing. Managing these cancers needs multi disciplinary care that extends beyond the oncologists and needs active support and involvement of physiotherapists, speech therapists and nutritionists.

Reconstruction plays an important role in restoring cosmosis and function. Plastic surgical services are part and parcel of Head and Neck service at Care Cancer Institute. Expertise in microvascular surgery is an added boon giving unmatched results in this division of oncology.                                                                     

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