The institute manages a range of hormonal and metabolic disorders, including the following:

  • Endocrine surgery: Endocrine surgery involves operations on endocrine glands like thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. These surgeries not only require a high level of technical expertise, but also careful attention to pre-operative and post-operative management.
  • Thyroid surgery: Surgery of the thyroid involves removal of part or whole of thyroid gland in cases of suspected cancers and large goitres. Minimal/small incision thyroidectomy is being increasingly offered with reduced post-operative pain, good cosmetic outcome and reduced hospital stay.
  • Obesity: The weight Loss surgery program at CARE Hospitals has helped obese patients lose weight, through laparoscopic gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery. Our team of experts includes dedicated bariatric surgeons, endocrinologists, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and psychologists. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the institute addresses all aspects of health – including psychological and medically related conditions – before, during and after surgery.
  • Hormonal disorders: Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body that travel through the bloodstream to the organs and tissues. They work slowly and affect many of the body's processes over a period of time. If hormonal imbalances are left untreated, it leads to diseases like diabetes. There are multiple causes for hormone imbalance, but most of them are due to estrogen dominance or increased amounts of estrogen in the body and not enough of progesterone
  • Evaluation and therapy of growth retardation: The evaluation of a child’s growth is done by several diagnostic tests and treatment is directed at the cause of growth retardation.
  • Management of calcium and bone disorders
  • Evaluation and management for erectile dysfunction
  • Adrenal gland surgery: Adrenal glands located on the top of each kidney produce hormones like aldosterone, catecholamines (adrenaline), steroids and some sex hormones. Surgical removal of the adrenal gland is indicated in situations of excess hormone production or suspected malignancy (cancer). Laparoscopic adrenal surgery is also done, which offers more comfort and less pain.

Other diseases treated are:

  • Lipid disorders
  • Secondary hypertension
  • Adrenal diseases
  • Pituitary diseases including growth disorders
  • Disorders of sex development (DSD)
  • Disorders of calcium and bone metabolism including osteoporosis
  • Female infertility disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome  (PCOS), hirsutism and infertility
  • Male infertility disorders like gynaecomastia

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