Patient Experiences

  • Ms Aarthi Avinash Helbe speaks about her treatment of breast cancer at CARE Hospitals, Pune

    Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar instilled immense confidence in me by considering the disease as a very routine illness. He asked me to study a few cases regarding the disease online, which gave me additional confidence. One feels confident when talking to him and begins to believe that they have come to the right place. Even though he is busy, he always has a smile on his face and speaks to each and every person pleasantly. I have never seen such wonderful, caring nurses in any other hospital in Pune. The doctors and sisters are very patient while handling patients undergoing chemo.

  • Mr Anwar speaks about his kidney operation at CARE Hospitals, Pune

    Dr. Shailesh is a dynamic doctor, he knows the subject very well. When I met him for the first time, we had a friendly conversation and I did not feel any fear. He explained everything about my medical condition and told me it would be easy for me... He is a gentleman with great skills. They have a hi-tech lab and operation theatres and a well organized team of doctors. Their teamwork is excellent.

  • Today the life which I am living is only because of Dr Shailesh Puntambekar Sir. I thank Dr Seema Puntambekar, Dr Hirav, Dr Kinholkar, Dr Karandikar and all the junior doctors, nursing staff. I am very grateful to Galaxy CARE Hospital. The atmosphere in this hospital has a homely touch.

    Ms Manjusha S Joshi, Pune

  • My experience with Galaxy CARE has been extremely pleasant, heart-warming and inspiring. I called them on Saturday evening late for some surgical procedure on my wife and they welcomed me. On Monday which was Ganesh Chaturthi, all the doctors including the chief Dr Shailesh Puntambekar attended to the patient, gave her confidence, completed all the pre-surgery tests and scheduled the operation. The doctors, nurses and the managerial and support staff, wardboys, ayahs were extremely helpful, guiding us at every step and often anticipating our needs.

    Ms Nisha Singhal, Pune

  • Today I am in my seventies. Losing parts of the body and being handicapped is not an easy task. But since there was no alternative, I left all important decisions to my doctor with full confidence that I would live my remaining life happily. It is four times now that I have been through cancer in my life. It is all because of my doctor (Dr Puntambekar) who stood in place of God, treated me and cured me. Galaxy CARE Laparoscopy Institute is one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment. When Dr Puntambekar used to come for his daily rounds, he used to pat me and with polite words, love and care say, “All the best Mr Satalkar”. These words made me happy. He made my day. Dr Geetanjali used to visit the ICU. I asked Dr Geetanjali, madam do you remember me? She replied, “Mr Satalkar, we are friends for the last 18 years. How can I forget patients like you who have always been so cooperative?” These words made me forget half of my illness. I will continue my treatment here. Galaxy CARE Hospitals has one specialty — all the doctors here build confidence and treat their patients with love and care. It is because of Galaxy CARE that I have overcome this illness without any fear.

    Mr Achyut Satalkar, Pune

  • Good patient care. Everything is nice and fine.

    Mr Abbas J Chechatwala, Pune

  • The doctors are quite good; reception and pharmacy services are excellent. Especially Nilima, Ashwini and Poonam are excellent in their services. 

    Dr AB Siddique, Syllet, Bangladesh

  • All the doctors and staff were friendly; it was very nice and homely. Dr Shailesh Puntambekar and Dr Geetanjali Joshi, thanks for fantastic surgery. Thanks to Dr Hrushikesh Phate for help and support during the billing process.

    Ms Sujata Hota, Pune

  • Dr Shailesh Puntambekar is not only a good surgeon but also a great human being. His positive attitude and excellent counseling skills cure the patient fast.

    Mr Dhananjay Mandhare, Pune

  • Thank you (Dr Shailesh Puntambekar) very much for the great operation on my 68-year-old mother. We are very satisfied with your service, efficiency and intelligence, daring and enthusiasm. May God bless you and give you more strength and power to cure more cancer patients like my mother. We very much appreciate your approach to challenges with critical borderline surgery patients. (Pune)

    Hitesh Soni, son of Mrs Bharti Soni, Ahmedabad

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