Associate Testimonials An opportunity to serve. A chance to grow.

  • Happy to lead the set-up since its inception (2007) and be part of the CARE family, constituting a group of dedicated, sincere, hardworking professionals with emotional bonding. Much more needs to be done in future. Dr M P Tripathy

    Dr M P Tripathy
    Consultant, Cardiology (Bhubaneswar)

  • It is our family environment. It is wonderful to work in such surroundings. I get cooperation from everybody. CARE Hospitals is helpful for health, education and finance. Till the end, I would like to work in such a good CARE family. Mr Radha Raman Singh

    Mr Radha Raman Singh
    Jr Radiographer II (Bhubaneswar)

  • I have learnt about professionalism in CARE Hospitals, as well as communication skills and how to maintain a good relationship with the patient. Mr Akhil Deopujari

    Mr Akhil Deopujari
    PRE (Nagpur)

  • Great learning experience in CARE Hospitals. Well organized at the top level. Vision & mission is very close to my heart. Thanks for all opportunities. Dr  Pumani Pillay

    Dr Pumani Pillay
    Asst. Manager, HR (Nagpur)

  • Supportive management, continuous education while working … enjoying my work from the last 7 years. Mr Satish Tata

    Mr Satish Tata
    Admin (Nagpur)

  • I enjoy my work. The hospital management is very cooperative and we work hand in hand. My son was born during my tenure here. During my pregnancy, the management showed a lot of concern and towards the last stages of my pregnancy, they provided me a helper who used to take rounds on the floors. This help mate was unexpected. I am grateful to all my colleagues and the management. I look forward to reaching greater heights at CARE Surat. Sr Reena Solomon

    Sr Reena Solomon
    Infection Control Nurse (Surat)

  • I have been working at CARE Hospitals for the past 2 years. Working here re-enforces a strong sense of belongingness in everything I do. The work culture allows us flexibility and multi-tasking opportunities to innovate. The management pays equal attention to all fields, keeping in mind both customer orientation and employee orientation. Definitely, it is a great place to work. Ms Bincy John

    Ms Bincy John
    Deputy Manager, Finance and Accounts (Nagpur)

  • “CARE” the name itself suggests: C-Caring, A-Adorable, R-Respectful and E-Enthusiastic. My first job and my career started in this beautiful hospital. My experience has been memorable from day one. I cannot forget the time spend here, be it the flood or fire incident… I saw the team spirit of our CARE Family. The management is good and accessible and motivates us. They gave me a platform to show my talents and guided me. Whenever I do well it will be because of this hospital, culture and team members. This is my second family — CARE Nagpur. Ms Karishma Titre

    Ms Karishma Titre
    Asst Manager, Quality, Nagpur