What is a Second Opinion

When the option of undergoing a surgery or seeking a cure with medicines becomes a hard choice to make, taking a second opinion from the best doctors in that specialty offers reassurance and confidence that one is making the right choice. A second opinion helps the patient make the choice that is right for him/her and avoid unnecessary surgery, saving time and money.

CARE Hospitals offers you the opportunuity to take a medical second opinion from a panel of some of the best doctors of the country. Consultation can be asked for any time with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

How does it help?

  • It is the right decision to take an opinion for your problem from India's best doctors without any waiting period.
  • It acts as a discovery platform to help identify the finest specialists and the most effective approach to handle your healthcare.
  • Offers ease of access ... any time, anywhere.
  • Helps save travel cost, time and energy.