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With 14 hospitals spread across 6 cities, CARE Hospitals is a regional leader in tertiary care. It is ranked among the top 5 pan-Indian hospital chains and is driven by the core principle “to provide care that people trust”, through cost-effective medical care in more than 30 specialties.


Arthroscopy is a medical procedure performed to diagnose and treat joint-related issues. As part of the procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision to insert a fiber-optic video camera attached to a narrow tube. This high-quality footage is transmitted to a video monitor for diagnosis and analysis of joint-related conditions.

Why is it done?

Using arthroscopy, doctors can diagnose a wide range of joint-related conditions without needing to make a large incision. Most commonly affected parts of the body are:

  • -Ankle
  • -Wrist
  • -Hip
  • -Shoulder
  • -Knee
  • -Elbow

What is it used to treat?

  • -Torn ligaments
  • -Damaged or torn cartilage
  • -Loose bone fragments
  • -Scarring within joints
  • -Inflamed joint linings

What does the treatment entail?

Depending on the specific type of joint issue, the patient is given general or local anesthesia. The arthroscope is a special pencil-thin instrument that has an attached light and camera lens. The device is inserted into a small incision to gain visibility of the inside of the joint. This image is projected on a screen for diagnosis and analysis

What can you expect post-treatment?

In most cases, the patient is asked to resume light activity and deskwork within a few days. For other activities such as driving, you should ideally take a break for two to three weeks. Not all patients recover at the same speed. The doctor will recommend the right course of action and rehabilitation plan based on the patient’s specific condition.

SWhy CARE Hospitals?

CARE Hospitals is recognized as the most advanced, all-round health care center in the country, powered by cross-functional teams comprising of round-the-clock available surgeons, critical care and emergency medicine specialists. The founding team of CARE Hospitals comprise of medical innovators and pioneers who are passionately driven to make healthcare affordable for all, while ensuring clinical outcomes at par with international standards.

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