What Makes CARE Hi-Tech ‘Patient Friendly’

What Makes CARE Hi-Tech 'Patient Friendly'

A patient enters a hospital with not just a disease or an injury to be treated… he/she enters with many apprehensions and fears. A fear of being diagnosed with a fatal ailment, an apprehension whether he would be taken care of properly and also the worry of how big a hole will the treatment make in his pocket. Add to that the constant media focus on mistreatment and negligence by the hands of medical staff at various hospitals and the perception of hospitals turning into money minting machines makes it all the more worse for the already distressed.

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It is for this reason that creating a patient friendly environment to build the patient’s trust has always been the top priority at CARE Hospitals. We work towards providing care that people trust and this is clearly evident in the way we function. A proof of this is the CARE Hospitals, Hi-tech City unit, which caters to the burgeoning IT population in Gachibowli and Madhapur areas of Hyderabad’s IT nerve centre. Recently, the hospital received the prestigious AHPI Award for being the most “Patient Friendly” hospital for 2017.

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The Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI) is a representative body of healthcare organizations in India, which recognizes and celebrates excellence achieved by organizations in the healthcare industry under varied categories; one among them is a “Patient Friendly” hospital. The award assessment is based on a number of well-articulated criteria, such as the hospital’s accessibility, reception, patient safety measures, user-friendly website, positive patient feedback and social responsibility activities. Hospitals in the running are visited by empaneled surveyors for verifying the compliance; based on their report an independent jury chooses the final winner.

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and best-in-class ambiance of international standards, CARE Hospitals, Hi-tech City emerged as the glorious national winner in the “Patient Friendly” category. Here are some of the key highlights of the hospital that make it a patient friendly healthcare facility:

Access to Hospital:
• Can be easily located and navigated via Google maps
• Provides free transport within a radius of 5 km
• Free home collection of samples within 5 km radius
• Earmarked parking for the ease of visitors
• Sufficient wheelchairs and stretchers with safety belts, side rails, brakes/stoppers at entrance to hospital and at ER entrance
• 5 lifts – 2 bed lifts and 3 attendants lifts with security staff manning the lift
• Ramp available in the hospital

Access to hospital 1 Access to hospital 4

Reception Area:
• Welcoming reception of the patients/inquirers at the ‘May I Help You’ desks
• Clean, spacious and well-lit lobbies
• Large waiting areas with soothing interiors
• Free internet access across the hospital for patients, patient relatives and guests
• Complimentary tea, coffee, buttermilk in waiting area for patients and relatives

Reception area replacement of lobby picturePatient Feedback:
• Well managed set-up to receive patient feedback and complaints
• Designated staff to contact in-patients and Emergency patients to follow up after 48 hours of discharge
• Internal and external third party surveys conducted regularly
• Corrective & preventive actions taken, based on patient and third party feedback

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Patient Safety:
• VIOS monitors at patient bedside to provide vitals of patients to doctor from any location in the world
• Open communication between physicians, hospital staff, patients and their attendants
• Single point of contact for patients, whom they can call any time
• Arrival of all specialty consultants in ER within 12 minutes of arrival
• 24*7 availability of consultants in-house for Cardiology, General Medicine, Critical care, Pediatrics
Sunday Clinic and Evening Clinic for patient convenience
• Hygienic disposable bed rolls and table covers to prevent hospital acquired infections
• Fire safety devices installed all across the building with clear safety instructions
Patient and attendant education programs organized regularly
Patient’s rights & responsibilities displayed in all patient care areas
• Side-rails, ramps, staff manned lifts to facilitate safe patient movement
• Regular staff check-ups, pre-employment check-ups and vaccination for staff concerned
• Regular safety rounds done by safety committee and safety mock drills organized
• RO water and hygienic food with regular testing
• Ambient air quality, noise pollution tests carried out as per the policy

Patient safety_single point of contact

Hospital Website:
• Regularly updated website with a friendly UI
• Details of services, doctors’ timing, emergency contacts, corporate and insurance affiliations
• Provision of online appointment bookings, request for estimate, sending enquires and Live Chat option

Website CARE Hospitals Hitech City

Social Responsibilities:
• Emergency service denied under no circumstances – pay later offer in case of an emergency
• Regular staff health check-ups
• Regular safety rounds done by safety committee and safety mock drills organized
• Solar energy panels and LED lights installed throughout the hospital
• Health awareness and check-up camps conducted in third party organizations like schools, banks, IT companies, etc.

Social Responsibility_health camps

Other Aspects:
• Care of attendants is prioritized as much as the care of patients
• Attendants of ICU patients provided with free accommodation
• Free internet access across the hospital for patients, patients’ relatives and guests
• Patient birthday celebrations

Hi-tech Award AHPICARE Hospitals, Hi-tech City is a high tech medical facility, while being the most patient friendly, and continuing to provide patients care that they can trust.


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