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10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday With A Sample Diet Plan

10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday With A Sample Diet Plan

The human body is designed for certain requirements and functions and food plays a major role in driving them. Along with what we eat, it is also important to know how to eat and when to eat.

Social norms, customs and food restrictions all influence our diet. So do foods that are grown locally or otherwise.

But, these days, commercial brands and uninformed advertising also dictate our diet plans.

With facilities like food processing, transport and refrigeration becoming more common, any and every food is now accessible without any reference to season or distance. Synthetic foods and snacks are consumed freely as well as packaged juices and beverages, instead of freshly made products.

This change in our eating pattern is gradually harming our health. Here’s sharing a sample diet plan that could help you improve your health and reap greater benefits from the process of eating.

(Please note: This diet is only indicative and one must not follow it without consulting a dietician.)

Our body functions differently at different times. The main functions include:

  • Morning till noon: Expelling wastes
  • Noon to sunset: Intake of food
  • Sunset to morning: Digestion

Morning: The morning should be used for an easy detox plan by eating or drinking foods rich in fibre. A good exercise routine is a must. Milk products should be avoided as they form a layer on the insides of the intestines and inhibit digestion of food.

10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday With A Sample Diet Plan

  1. Early morning: Ginger, moringa and lemon based herbal teas. Use honey instead of sugar or use jaggery that is organic or chemical free. (Moringa leaves are the leaves of the drumstick tree. The seeds of this tree are used to make benzoil. Moringa leaves are widely available across India and are known for their medicinal value and multiple health benefits)

A short or long exercise regimen followed by an intake of fruits. Papaya and banana are fruits to be consumed last as they are heavier than other fruits.

Fruits in the morning provide instant nutrition and are digested within four hours of consumption.

Also, the roughage from the fruits cleans the intestines internally and assists in rapid expelling of waste.

Eat locally grown fruit that is fresh and in season. Avoid drinking juices as an alternative to fruits.

  1. Till 12 noon – Indulge in as much vegetable salads as you wish that are raw or mildly sautéed with no sauces.

Moringa leaf powder, concentrated dehydrated vegetable powders or garlic powders may be used as they are great antioxidants and add highly beneficial micro nutrients to your diet.

10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday With A Sample Diet Plan

Noon: It is time to get some carbs and protein that could help you power through the rest of the day.

  1. Lunch: Rice and wheat are carbohydrate rich. And for vegetarians in India, legumes are a wonderful source of protein.

Jowar, bajra, maize and other millets provide a balance of proteins and starch to the diet and a meal composed of these breads is highly recommended. Along with lightly cooked vegetables that have not lost their nutrients due to overcooking, pulses and grams must form a major part of the diet.

10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday With A Sample Diet Plan

Yogurt, curd or butter milk must be a key part of the meal along with protein rich cottage cheese (paneer), tofu and soya products that provide protein and nutrition.

Capsicum, chilli and peppers in reasonable amounts help to increase disease resistance in the body.

  1. An evening snack may consist of nuts, like groundnuts or cashew based chikki, or sandwiches with vegetables along with herbal tea. Vegetable juices of say carrot or beet are great nutritional value additions for your meal rather than carbonated drinks or fruit juices.

After sunset: Ideally, one shouldn’t consume any food after sunset as the long and daunting digestion process would go on till late in the night and disturb one’s sleep. Hence, a meal just before sunset is ideal.

  1. Supper: Pumpkin or bottle gourd soup along with whole grain or millet breads are very nourishing and rich in minerals.

One can repeat processed milk products like butter milk or cottage cheese as they contain the best whey protein available today.

To summarise, these are the 10 foods you should eat every day:

  1. Honey, ginger powder, moringa leaf powder
  2. Fruits like papaya, banana, chikoo
  3. Fresh vegetable juices like that of carrot and beet
  4. Salads with plenty of leafy vegetables
  5. Protein rich foods like fish, poultry and for vegetarians soy chunks, tofu, paneer
  6. Millets like maize, jowar, bajra
  7. Cereals like rice, wheat
  8. Legumes and pulses that include varieties of daal
  9. Gourds like bottle gourd, ridge gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd
  10. Include turmeric, ginger, chilli and dried herbs like fenugreek in cooking.
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