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Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Exercising is not all about getting washboard abs or a skinny physique. It is also about being a healthy, strong and a better version of yourself. In today’s post, we are going to focus on exercise and how it can improve your being, every day!

  1. Makes You A Happier Person

Believe it or not, exercise makes you a happier person. According to several studies, exercise boosts endorphins and makes you feel better throughout the day. Exercise also boosts blood circulation which makes you happy in the long run. If you add some more intensity to your workouts, chances are you will feel better.

  1. Improves Your Sleep

Exercising is great if you find yourself tossing and turning to get rest in the middle of the night. It strengthens circadian rhythms, keeps you up and going during the day and promotes quality sleep at night. Recent studies suggest that by working out once day, you will sleep peacefully every day.

  1. Improves Your Memory

For those of you who forget things at the drop of a hat, exercise can help your memory jog. Any cardio activity like running or swimming helps the brain function better. In fact, it grows the size of hippocampus which is responsible for controlling learning and remembering in your brain.

  1. Improves Work Performance

Exercising makes you happy, productive and helps you get work done faster than those who don’t. The thing with working out is that it just makes you a better person overall in so many ways. And you don’t necessarily have to do something hard core to improve your performance at work. Staying active even in small ways, like going on a short walk during your lunch break is perfect for busy bees.

  1. Is Great For Your Heart Health

Studies confirm that exercise reduces the risk of developing a heart disease. It prevents coronary diseases and improves your heart health in the long run. Those who exercise on a  daily basis are less prone to heart diseases than those who don’t. However, if you do have a heart condition, make sure you stay within a safe limit of physical activity. Make sure your exercise routine is approved by doctor/ and or qualified physical trainer.

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