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Instant Foods – Friend or Foe?

Instant Foods

Instant foods also known to us as convenience foods, are quite common these days- thanks to the busy lives of working men and women. Although instant foods make our lives much simpler and easy, there is a bigger question that needs to be addressed. What are these instant foods? How do they impact our health? Let us find out all about it in this post below.

Instant Foods

What Are They?

Instant foods have been described as those edibles that are ready to eat with an addition of water or some heating or thawing. They usually come in a dry form and rarely need much cooking. A few examples of instant foods include Maggi noodles, canned soup, and frozen meat such as sausages, salami etc.

Are There Any Advantages?

There are several advantages of having instant foods. First, you don’t need to plan or buy the ingredients. Secondly, there is less spoilage of water. Third, they are always easy to eat and don’t take much time to prepare. Fourth, they have fast presentation and are easy to clean up.

But The Disadvantages Are…

Unhealthy to a certain extent

Instant foods are quite unhealthy. It is hard to control the fat, sugar or salt levels. You never know what is being added to the foods to make them flavoursome and tasty. Plus, convenience foods are very high in calories, saturated fats, salt, trans-fats and sugar. They don’t have the freshness that fruits, veggies or even frozen meat does.

Contain unhealthy ingredients

Second, instant noodles have propylene glycol which prevents noodles from drying. This could actually weaken the immune system and accumulate in your liver, kidney or heart. This could ultimately damage your body in the long run.

Slows down metabolism

Having instant foods on a daily basis could hamper your metabolism because of the coloring, preservatives and other chemical substances added to them.


Instant foods are clearly not the most advisable or healthiest foods you should have, even when you are on the go. It is better to keep things prepared beforehand instead of having foods that spoil your health. Choosing raw vegetables, fruits and boiled meat make easier and simpler health options instead of quick foods. But if you are really in a rush, try not to push it more than once in a few weeks!

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