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No, You’re Not Too Old!

No, You’re Not Too Old!

Many people think that fitness is a young person’s game. Those people are wrong; exercise is good for people of all ages. That said, it is important to spend time figuring out what level of exercise is suitable for your age group, your body, and your personal lifestyle.

No, You’re Not Too Old!

Here are 3 easy exercise options for senior citizens!

  • Leg Raises:

This is a simple, low intensity movement that helps stretch your lower back, buttocks, hips, and thighs. It also helps improve your balance. The only thing you need for this exercise, is a chair. Place yourself behind the chair, and hold onto the backrest for balance and support. Slowly raise your leg behind you, without leaning forward. You don’t have to raise your leg too high, so don’t worry, it’s totally doable. Just try to keep your heel aligned with you hip, and remember not to lock your knees, or point your toes.
You may also do side leg raises by positioning yourself beside the chair and raising your leg to the side.

  • Go Low Impact:

Aerobics is not the first thing to come to mind when you think of non-strenuous exercise, but have you ever considered water aerobics? It’s surprisingly low impact, helps increase your range of movement, and is known to provide relief from arthritic pains and other joint pains.

  • Walking:

Yes, that’s right, good old everyday walking. Not only does walking work wonders for your cardiovascular health, it’s just SO easy. You don’t need any equipment other than suitable shoes, and a clean space. Whether you practice stepping on the spot in your living room, or pacing on a treadmill, or strolling through your local park, make sure you get at least 10 minutes of walking time every day.

Still on the fence about exercising in your golden years?
Here are just a few benefits of taking care of your body:

  • Reduce the risk of falls – Exercise is known to help improve bone density and balance.
  • Lower your chances of developing dementia – A 5 year long study conducted on 1,600 old aged people (published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease), found that those who did not exercise were more likely to get dementia than the others.
  • Boost your confidence and independence – Even minimal exercise makes you stronger and improves your motor skills, making you less reliant on others to help you for minor tasks.
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So don’t hold back, ladies and gentlemen. Show the younger generations that you’re made of much sterner stuff!

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