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Gurbax Kour’s Experience with Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Gurbax Kour Talks About The 3 Powerful Ps For Total Knee Replacement Surgery


For the past seven or eight years, I have not taken a step without pain. Gradually my condition deteriorated and I had problem in standing too. Doctors informed that the cartilage of both my knees has degenerated and I need for total knee replacement.

Dr Pankaj Dhabalia & Dr J Maheshawari decided to perform total knee replacement surgery of both legs in one go and gave prior explanation about ‘3 Powerful Ps’ as follows:

First: Pain. A couple of weeks before surgery, we were asked to attend an education session where everything that would happen to us was explained clearly by the orthopedic team. One of the repeated requests was that we help the nurses monitor the pain. The nurses at the Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals were unbelievably wonderful. They checked every hour.

Second: Physical Therapy (PT). Before being discharged, I had to demonstrate I could get into a (simulated), walk up stairs and walk steadily using a walker. It was the second morning after surgery. I did it all, with that heavy leg, and not for the first time since this all began, gave thanks that clinical team was by my side. The first PT session I wasn’t sure I could do anything. I shuffled with my walker to the first which brings me to the final “P.”

Third: Patience. I have gone back and it should be patience or perseverance. My orthopedic surgeon exactly rightly said after six or ten more weeks, you probably will be able to do your PT at home. If someone tells you you’ll walk without pain in ten weeks, I think you need to have more patience.

Now after 5 days of surgery I am able to walk with the help of walker. Doctors have informed that I will be able to walk without support within 3 months.

In the end, I am extremely happy that I need not undergo unbearable pain and thankful to the orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapist and nursing staff of Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals, who have built-up my confidence of getting recovery at this (72 years) age with normal life.

– Ms Gurbax Kour, Raipur

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