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The Value Of A Minute – Mr. Behara

The Value Of A Minute - Mr. Behara

My name is Santosh Behara, I’m 27 years old, and I’m from Korapanda Village, Ganjam District, Odisha. I’ve worked at Micron Company in Hyderabad for the past 3 years. My father, Sri Makara Behara works at the same company, and is 52 years old. At around 2:20 PM on the 25th of May, my father started to complain of chest pain and became unconscious shortly after.

The Value Of A Minute - Mr. Behara

We rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment but unfortunately, we are a poor family, and there was no scope of acquiring the large sum required for payment in advance. Our employer then told us that in emergency situations, CARE Hospitals starts treatment without asking for upfront payments even for the most complex procedures. Thus, we wasted no further time, and promptly went to CARE Hospitals, Hi-tech City. To our great relief, they admitted my father immediately, without asking for a single coin. Dr. Swaroop attended to us and started treating my father at once. My father was shifted to the ICU; his condition was so serious that we started losing hope. All we could do at that moment was pray for his recovery, from this major heart attack.

Dr. Swaroop was like a god for us at this time, as his treatment for my father was the answer to our prayers, and it is thanks to him that my father is fully cured now. My brother and I come from a poor rural family in Odisha. We have no contacts here in Hyderabad, and we certainly didn’t have the kind of funds required to get our father treated at a renowned corporate hospital. However, CARE Hospitals saved us a lot of hardship by treating our father at no cost, other than that of his medications.

My family will never forget what CARE Hospitals did to save my father’s life. This hospital isn’t just for rich people; CARE cares about the poor as well. We pray to god that CARE Hospitals may reach the greatest heights so that they may help more poor people like us.

We would especially like to thank Dr. Swaroop Bharadi, Dr. Rajeev Menon and the entire staff for their support in saving the life of my father.

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