Avoid Road Rage, Be A Road Sage

Road rage is unfortunately one of the biggest concerns in our country today. People are dying or landing up in prison almost every day because of this and if there is no quick solution to the problem, our country could really head towards a disaster. On that note, here’s a look at road rage, its effects and how you can avoid them.

What is road rage?

Road rage is understood as aggressive behaviour when you are driving out on the road. Others describe it as violent behaviour that causes accidents. Road rage includes different types of behaviour. Some of them include cutting others, sound the vehicle horn, hitting someone. Shouting verbal abuses, making disrespectful gestures, flashing lights constantly, throwing objects outside the car.

Common reasons why people experience road rage

There are several reasons why people experience road rage. Fighting over parking spaces, cutting others off while driving, getting stuck behind a slow driver, not being allowed to pass or feeling annoyed when someone honks too much are some common reasons.

Effects of road rage

Road rage has several harmful effects. Injuries and death is one of the significant ones. People who vent their anger on the streets are more likely to harm themselves in an accident. Also, road rage causes damage to buildings and minor offences could actually cause you to land up in jail. There are temporary and permanent punishments depending on your offence.

Road rage facts

There has been a rapid increase of deaths in India due to road rage. In the year 2010, the number of deaths in India was 1.3 lakhs and according to reports, there is one death every minute. Ideas have been initiated to reduce death rates but change can only be brought when people show an interest.

How to deal with road rage?

To avoid road rage, use a ‘sorry’ gesture so that the situation is pacified. Second, plan things ahead so that a little delay won’t hamper your journey. Third, listen to the kind of music that you enjoy and use your horn only when you desperately need it. Also, remember to avoid eye contact when the driver opposite you is angry so that you have time to cool down. Following these steps are effective when it comes to road rage prevention.

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