People, Potential & Performance Leadership – HR Meet 2015

The Annual HR Meet, from October 8-10, was attended by HR HoDs and associates from across the Group. The highlight was the HR Visioning exercise designed to make HR management 'future ready'. 

Col M Rajgopal (retd), CHR, set the theme for the meet – People, Potential and Performance Leadership. Units shared best practices. Speaking on “Service Culture,” Dr N Krishna Reddy, Vice Chairman, defined organizational culture and the need for a complete buy-in to the core philosophy. He stressed that culture should be reflected at the point of care in the treatment of patients.

Mr B Markandeswara, CFO, briefly explained the basics of finance before speaking on business viability and the need to address the concerns of various stakeholders. He said the HR Dept was responsible for controlling about 43% of the business and, hence, the need to discharge this responsibility well. This was followed by breakout sessions where associates worked on the actions to be undertaken by the HR Dept for achieving business viability and developing a service culture.

In his address Dr B Soma Raju, CMD, emphasized the need for HR to understand the nuances of clinical functioning in order to make effective contributions. He urged associates to read books and journals related to core HR and medicine, while stressing on the need for continuous training to upgrade the knowledge of nurse clinicians and physician assistants.

Mr Dilip Jose, CEO spoke of the necessity to step away from mere transactional work and, instead, work towards creating an organization for the future. While exhorting HR to take the lead in implementing the right culture, he also spoke of the organisation's growth plan.

In his talk, Dr D N Kumar, MD, CARE Nampally spoke of how he had achieved a turnaround in the performance of the hospital – from a mediocre one to the best performing unit in the group. He underlined the need for the HR Dept to be closely involved with all initiatives so that they fructify in the desired manner.

The HR visioning exercise was intense as associates worked through case studies to arrive at the HR Vision and Mission statement. It was a novel experience for everybody. A general strategy to elevate HR functioning to make it a business partner was worked out. Iterations amongst HR teams would help crystallize the final Vision and Mission.


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