Annual Business Development Meet

The 9th Annual Business Development Meet was organised from November 5-6. It comprised integrated learning sessions with key speakers from the industry, review of units’ performance, debates and an offsite event. In the inaugural session, Mr Mahendra Pala, GM, Marketing Strategy congratulated the team for reaching goals. Chairman & Managing Director, Dr B Soma Raju spoke of the challenges in marketing a hospital, monitoring of outcomes, mortality and morbidity rates and how CARE stands out as different for never refusing care to a poor patient and the second opinion, which is built into the system.
Prof Thomas Cherian, HoD, Hepato Biliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation spoke on “How care is different for a liver patient.” Dr Rajeev Menon, Chief of Medical Services spoke on the importance of key connects in marketing and shared his insights on "What would I do, if I were in marketing"? Mr Kasi Raju, COO focussed on new projects and new specialties being added to the CARE group. Among the other key speakers were Vice Chairman Dr Krishna Reddy and CEO Mr Dilip Jose.
A debate was conducted on ‘Referral tracking’ and ‘Complementing each other towards organizational growth — marketing & operations’, with Dr Abdul Nafae from Operations and Mr Koushik Guha, Brand Manager, Mr Mahesh Degloorkar and Mr K Anand from Business Development participating. The judges were Dr Srinivas Kare, FCOO, CARE Nampally, Dr Annie Thakore, HA, CARE Musheerabad & Secunderabad and Mr Mahendra Pala. The meet ended with an off-site get-together.

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