Biomedical Waste Management Week

Biomedical Waste Management (BMW) Week was observed at several units from April 25-30 across the CARE Group.

Bhubaneswar: Consultants and employees participated enthusiastically in the events conducted during the week. These included: Quiz competition for nurses, housekeeping and paramedical staff, classes by Mrs Lopamudra Mohanty and Mr Bindusagar Pattnaik on biomedical waste and spill management for various cadres, distribution of badges and leaflets to all employees and consultants, poster competition and role plays. Mrs SP Samantaray, Environmental Scientist, moderated a discussion on BMW, related policies and legal issues. Prizes were distributed to the winners. Dr MP Tripathy (MD), Dr Santosh Kumar Mishra (CHA) and Dr Damodar Bindhani also spoke on the occasion.

Nagpur: To create awareness and enhance safety compliance among the nursing and hospitality staff, quiz, poster and slogan competitions were organized. The program was led by Dr Yagnesh Thakar, Consultant, Microbiology. Dr Meena Nagdev, Microbiologist, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital expressed her thoughts, which were well received. Dr Varun Bhargava, MD, Mr Ravi Mannadiyar, GM, Dr Yagnesh Thakar and Ms Susamma Varghese gave away the prizes. 

Surat: CARE Surat worked to create awareness among the hospital staff about the importance of proper biomedical waste segregation, disposal and treatment. A training session was conducted by Ms Drashti Mistry, Enclear Treatment Plant.

Musheerabad: In the congenial environment of a high tea with CEO Mr Dilip Jose and others, a quiz was conducted for the doctors. An awareness class, as well as quiz, poster and debate competitions were organized for housekeeping and nursing staff, as well as a visit to the GJ Multiclave waste treatment plant. With the Consultants’ support, surprise rounds were carried out to select the best department in BMW. Dr Venkateswar Rao and Mr Sudhakar (Solid Waste Management), GHMC, gave insightful talks.

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