Future Ready HR Outlines Its Vision

The Annual HR meet, held at Bhubaneswar from November 17-18, was attended by HR HODs and associates across the Group. The theme of the Meet was to create a “Future Ready HR’. The major thrust was on developing long term HR goals by determining HR Mission Levers to actualise the HR Vision which is ‘To be a trusted, service oriented and sustainable global organization by building engaged and professional talent’.

Col M Rajgopal (retd), CHR, set the stage while outlining the focus areas of the Meet — Career Management, HR Visioning and learning from experiences in staffing new projects. In her session on Career Management, Dr Mousumi Padhy, XIMB highlighted the need to follow a cycle of attraction, retention and motivation for the Gen Y associates. She added that hiring Gen Y is a challenge as they have high aspirations and expectations from the employer. She concluded by saying, “Career development is an employee owned, HR facilitated and an organisation supported initiative.”

Mr Ravi Mannadiyar, GM, CARE Nagpur and functionaries from the Towers Watson Group, briefly explained the progression and process of enabling employees to better understand and develop their skills and interests effectively. Organizations too benefit as career management can also positively impact employer branding. 

Dr MP Tripathy, MD, Bhubaneswar outlined his expectations from the HR team to retain and motivate people. During the clinician interaction session, Dr Pragyan Routary offered a clinician’s perspective on hospital operations and how doctors can be enlisted to improve administration.

Mr Durga Prasad, external consultant briefly highlighted as to how organizations have brought about transformational changes. He said such changes can be ushered in if the very method of delivery of HR functions spearheads the desired change. He also explained the need to understand the linkages and relationships between each Mission Lever. Dr Mudit Saxena, CEO, spoke on the vital role of HR as a business partner and how it can be instrumental in controlling the operational costs while facilitating patient care.

Various HR teams shared their experiences in staffing new projects. It was decided to document the same. The HR visioning exercise was intense as Mission Lever teams interacted late into the evening to work out strategies and action plans. Col M Rajgopal (retd), CHR remarked that this was a watershed meet as it had set course to create a Future Ready HR domain.

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