Frontline Clinical Staff Training

A frontline clinical staff training program was conducted by CARE Hospitals and Dr Reddy’s Foundation for Healthcare Education (DRFHE) on February 23-24. The 15 participants included DNB students, Residents, Physician Assistants and Nurse Clinicians.

Aimed at creating awareness about the importance of clinical documentation and pathways, the program was inaugurated by Dr Rajeev Menon, CMS. He spoke on the need for clinical documentation and the work being done at CARE. Dr N Krishna Reddy, Vice-Chairman, interacted with the audience and focused on the relevance of clinical documentation to patient care.

Facilitating the sessions, Mr Raghavan from DRFHE covered the areas of patient centricity, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills for communication. On the second day, Mr Rajeev Chourey, VP–Operations and Quality spoke on the importance of the consent form and clinical audits.

Dr M Arundhathy, GM–Administration (Corporate) held sessions on patient safety, clinical documentation and pathways.

The doctors’ feedback revealed that they were not aware of the extent of documentation being done at CARE. They found the sessions valuable and commented that the work was of international standards. They said it would help them publish more papers and aid in their professional advancement.


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