Unnayan - A Pioneering Clinician Leadership Program

Clinicians are predominantly independent professionals, experts trained to provide care to the patients. They maintain clinical competency by acquiring and sharing knowledge through initiatives like Continuing Medical Education programs. Complementary subjects such as healthcare IT and economics, working in teams, leadership and quality processes are, generally, not covered in their curriculum and training. However, with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the holistic development of clinicians around the entire panorama of subjects related to health system sciences is important, both from an individual and organizational perspective.

In order to develop leadership skills and gain knowledge of health system sciences, “Unnayan” — a Clinician Leadership program was designed by CARE Corporate HR. The first session for batch 1 was conducted from August 3-5, and was coordinated by Dr Rajeev Menon, CMS and Col M Rajgopal (retd), CHR. The program will be conducted over a period of one year, in four 3-day sessions, at intervals of 3 months. The sessions were structured around talks, case studies, team activities, syndicate discussions and brainstorming. The faculty comprised senior CARE management, as well as experienced external facilitators. The program was attended by consultants from all the units and was extremely well received.

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