Managerial & Nursing Training at CARE Bhubaneswar & Nagpur

A nursing leadership program was conducted on 22nd September at Prasar Bharti, Bhubaneswar and a HoD Leadership Program was conducted on 23rd September at NALCO HRD Centre of Excellence, Bhubaneswar. Several activities, case study presentations, situational analysis and group discussions were organized.

The Corporate HR Training Team also conducted a workshop on “Building Teams” for managerial and second line staff (Supervisory/In-charges) at CARE Nagpur from 6-7 October. The training was acclaimed for its first ever “workbook” concept to reinforce learnings and for improved participation of adult learners. Dr Varun Bhargava (MD, CARE Nagpur), Mr Ravi Mannadiyar (GM, Admin & HR) also addressed the gathering.

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